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From X-ray portrayals of internal beauty, to urban landscapes wrapped in dark fantasy, the graduating class (2008) of the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture has put on a bold display of their final thesis work, which is open to the public till December 8.

On entering the campus and strolling past the hundreds of pieces put on display by students from the Fine arts, Textile, and Communication departments, the sheer range and creativity of these young students leaves those visiting in awe. For some interested in building their art collections, most of the work is also available for purchase, falling within modest price ranges of Rs10,000 to Rs20,000.

The displays set up inside the main building have something for everyone, and the students present amidst their art are more than willing to give those interested an in-depth understanding of the vision behind their creations. Ammad Tahir, a fine arts student describes how he aims to re-invent myths and fantasies through his contemporary work. Others like Najia Tariq, Asma Asif, Natashe Newcombe and Numra Javed use their canvas to tackle deeply personal themes such as freedom and security, alienation, feminism, gun culture and unresolved emotions.

The photographic ventures of Malika Abbasi capture stagnating construction work in Karachi, while photography minor, Hina Farooqi uses her camera to capture some of the clichés prevailing in our society. Across in the Textile and Communication displays, a similar range of ideas is seen being explored by the students. Some unveil the texture of birds captured in fabric, while others take vivid dashes of colour to create highly imaginative shower curtains. In all, the creative effort of these young graduates throws a refreshing light upon themes and ideas that fall very close to home.

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