Class observations (PHILOSOPHY, 2003)

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Discussion on Nietzsche

Professor: concentrates in bringing out a debate within the class.

Person 1: Stares at his book with intense understanding. The book is closed.

Person 2: Is drawing slow, regular circle diagrams into his journal.

Person 3: Is focused entirely on the class discussion (or lack thereof). He sits leaning forward with pouting lips, ready to release a tirade on his point of view. He is unsatisfied.

Person 4: Is embarrassed at the lack of discussion. The repetitive silence is weighing down upon him. He is slowly wilting in his chair – his hand across his brow.

Person 5: Is stretched out and partially asleep.

Person 6: Doesn’t belong here. His mind is outside playing in the sun as his eyes and body lean towards the open window.

Person 7: Chews His pen; staring out with glazed eyes. The smell of stale cigarettes comes off him strongly.

Person 8: Observes the class and scribbles into his journal.

Person 9: Has a map of the US in front of her. She carefully colors in the various states using her green and yellow markers. She is trying to be fair in her distribution of either color.

Person 10: Is looking into the journal of scribbling person 8. He is shocked at the large number of notes forming here.

Person 11: Feels pity for person 19. Her pretty hair and doe eyes reflect her gentle character.

Person 12: Is carefully examining person 11’s tanned legs.

Person 13: Is frustrated at his inability to speak out on a topic he has focused his studies on for the last 2 years. His arms are crossed and he broods silently; staring at the floor.

Person 14: Examines his fingernails. Stretches out and examines his toenails. He is mildly upset about his right foot.

Person 15: Is the smartest kid in class; sitting in a relaxed pose with full awareness of the disjointed class discussion, the weather outside and person 8 observing him.

Person 16: Crosses and re-crosses her legs as she adjust to the spring shorts she hasn’t worn in the last 6 months. She calls most of the class discussion to herself, talking nonsense but attracting attention to her outfit anyway.

Person 17: Is hiding behind the two stronger personalities (15 and 16) in front of her in hopes of being invisible. She is very shy and inhibited.

Person 18: Is clueless in general but enjoys raising ignorant questions. She is half the reason the class discussion is dead.

Person 19: Stands facing the class in a heightened state of embarrassment. He has failed to lead the discussion and he feels shunned from the class (and society as a whole) – an utter loser. Grasping the podium tightly with both hands is all that is keeping him from crying, running or collapsing. He may commit suicide at some point in life.


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