Misunderstood modernity

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Monday, April 20, 2009
In his article, “Misplaced fear” (April 17) Dr Muzaffar Iqbal states that the religious view of the world coming to an ‘ultimate end’ with the shattering of the cosmos is a better model for humanity to follow than that of modernism’s ‘evolutionary progress’ which, in his own words: “… is founded on the belief in progress. That is to say, an evolutionary trajectory leading to better and better conditions for human existence.”

I hope the good doctor can see the irony in this declaration — his teleological worldview actually suggests that progress is a bad thing and that disasters, violence and dark signs of approaching ‘Judgement Day’ are all good things. Is this a model upon which humans should or even can build sustainable societies? In fact, major catastrophes, wars and violence would be a necessity in such a dark vision. It is also the perfect tool for subtly justifying/accepting things like acts of terrorism. Modernity responds by saying no, humanity rejects such ideals and will work to develop a sustainable world based on rational thinking. In the end, it is up to each of us to decide which model offers better results.

Jahanzaib Haque




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