Observations in Class (true story)

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Found this little piece in one of my journal’s. Its pretty interesting in its own way. I changed names to numbers; not quite sure any of them would have liked their names here.

Passing Time…

1: sits and taps out various drum rhythms and counts the minutes passing by.

2: Oblivious to all around her, she is in animated conversation with 3. She seems happy.

3: Sits and listens to 2 for lack of any better way of passing time. She seems disturbed; or acting out being disturbed, which indicates a disturbed mind in itself.

4: stares at the teacher nodding her head occasionally. She seems to be absorbing alot.

5, 6: Have their heads down and are asleep. 5 occasionally contorts his face in an effort to keep from waking up from induced sleep.

7: Stares at his shoes for the whole period, occasionally shuffling his feet.

8: Raises his hand every three seconds. He seems anxious to answer every question. His aura steadily changes from blue to grey from all the effort he is putting in to stay attentive.

9: stares out the door at people passing by. Hard to decipher his expression.

10: Rakes away in her journal with a pen. The teacher is making a concious effort to ignore the ragged scratching sound.

11 12 13: sit in the front row. 11 and 12 chose to be there and they seem quite content. 13 seems to be suffering from an on-coming migraine.

14: scratches out song lyrics on his desk, occasionally slapping himself across the face. He seems to be extremely frustrated.

15: is busy trying to meditate. A gentle humming can be heard under his breath as he attempts to transcend the boundaries of this universe.

16: listens to the teacher attentively as has been drilled into her by her parents.

17: is an observer. He spends his time recording actions displayed by the others.

18, 19: Sit in the back and discuss what they plan to do tommorow, or perhaps the day after.

20: Ponders over love and hate, occasionally noting down a few prose.

21: Repeatedly shuffles uncomfortably in his chair, trying un-succesfully to hide a growing erection brought on by 22.

22: Lazes in her seat dreaming of her fabulous entrance at an imaginary social gathering. She occasionally sketches clothes she wishes to have tailor made.

23: Sits and systematically plans out his work-schedule for the coming term, occasionally nodding his head in time with the teacher’s comments.


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