The Joker’s Tale

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Adapted from Mather’s by Jahanzaib Haque

One general view of the Tarot’s message (with a change of strength with justice and the removal of the joker).

The human will (magician) enlightened by science/inner wisdom (high priestess) and manifested by action/growth (empress) should find its realization (emperor) in deeds of mercy and beneficence (Hierophant).

The wise disposition/choice (the lovers) of this will give him victory (chariot) through fortitude/inner strength (strength) and prudence (hermit) over the fluctuations of fortune (wheel of fortune).

Equilibrium/balance (justice) shall be sanctified by sacrifice of self (hanged man), triumphing over death itself (death) and thus a wise combination (temperance) will enable him to defy fate (devil).

In each misfortune (the tower) he will see the star of hope (hope) shine through the twilight of deception (moon) and ultimate happiness (sun) will be the result (judgment). This will be the final reward (world).


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