Thoughts on Power Yoga and Zizek

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Yoga philosophy: Accepting discomfort is intentional passivity. Non-acceptance is resistance. But the truth can’t be resisted, so resistance=disharmony….Intentional passivity.  I think Zizek and Yoga have a number of things in common.

Yoga answers criticism leveled against Zizek. Resistance outside of reality is futile, dangerous and enslaving (ideologically in Zizek’s terms. Breaking your back in yoga terms). But this does not suggest a philosophy of non-doing or inaction or full of bitterness and regret.

crane stanceIt suggests living in accordance with the truth, through action. One must push (physically or mentally) to the breaking point where the body or mind can go no further, and there are objective limits, but they are incredibly far and we can keep going almost endlessly for a full lifetime doing things which go beyond earlier capacities, which suggests (erroneously) that there are no limits at all.

So zizek does not present a philosophy of despair. He presents a philosophy of correct action and inaction and outlines human limitations. Similarly yoga presents a life enhancing philosophy (represented through the body and not thoughts) which calls for correct action and intentional passivity (inaction) as a means to correct action.

In a nutshell: one must act, not resist. intentional passivity is one vital course of action. Talk about assaulting western ideological stances on acting and resisting head-on…

(Personal criticism: is there a knowable truth? Does the desert of the real exist? In yoga it is perhaps more clear due to physically seeing limitations, but even those keep getting broken as classes advance…..However, no one has ever jumped 20 ft straight into the air. Similarly, it can be postulated that our minds have limitations, regardless of how far those are.)


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