Why I hate KESC more than Cyclone Phet

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1. Cyclone Phet madness came and went in 12 hours. My light went for 16.

2. Cyclone Phet caused a false scare by coming within 40km of Karachi. KESC gave me false hope by turning the power on for 20 minutes.

3. Cyclone Phet fears made me run to the store to buy a dozen candles. KESC made me use them all.

4. Cyclone Phet was over-hyped but response to the crisis was good. KESC hid all day, and never answered the phone.

5. Cyclone Phet knocked over a wall at Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s mazaar. KESC caused my mom to smash the phone against the wall.

6. Cyclone Phet cancelled my classes. KESC cancelled my life.

7. After weeks of heat, Cyclone Phet allowed me to sit in my room with the fan off. KESC did the same.

8. Cyclone Phet exited forever to the Rann of Kutch, a barren wasteland. KESC refuses to follow suit.

9. Cyclone Phet caused people to stock their fridges with all kinds of items necessary for survival. KESC made short work of those.

10. Cyclone Phet scared my cat. KESC just p****d him off.

11. Cyclone Phet means I’ll have to dodge puddles for a couple of days. KESC ensures that I’ll be paranoid of dying-via-electrocution too.

12. The only thing I hate about Cyclone Phet more than the KESC, is the fact that all the tyres are too wet to burn.

13. I hate KESC more than Cyclone Phet because my laptop’s about to…

Originally published in The Express Tribune.


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