I’m a media man, shackle me please

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The time for change has come. Please just arrest me if necessary PPP, but do something! Make an example of someone, anyone! Show us that you stand by the values you preach and make the citizens of this country accountable for their actions.

If you do not have the guts to round up, arrest and make a public example of every one of those hooligans who danced on the streets, posing for photo-ops with burning effigies of late Governor Salmaan Taseer, then at least arrest me and my ilk; throw away the key if one of us so much as whispers the word wajibul qatl in a public sphere.

Fine my publisher for allowing such remarks to be passed. Register a case. Give PEMRA the opportunity to do its job and shut down the entire media organisation if necessary. Ban all religious debate in the media, be it positive or negative, for the sake of this country in crisis. Just do it. If not now, when another one of your remaining liberal, progressive voices has been gunned down, then when?

If you don’t have the clout or the support of our institutions to arrest members of the clergy or religio-political parties, surely you have enough power to be able to take out their rabid, support group spewing hate on prime time TV and in print, don’t you? Are you even aware of the laws, rules and regulations which the media must follow? Are you aware that being the government means you can actually ‘govern,’ which includes redressing or even establishing a brand new set of regulations regarding religious debate and/or incitement to violence via the print or electronic medium? Let the media call them ‘draconian, black laws’ and let ‘civil society’ howl about freedom of speech – how else does one deal with a pit full of blood sucking vampires?

I implore you, please take me and my fellow journalists and media personalities out and shoot us like dogs in the desert and leave our corpses to rot if need be. Be bold, be fascist, be militant, be brave – choose any path to ensuring a lock down on the madness that is ‘the media boom’ but stop side-stepping what needs to be done in this twisted field we have dubbed journalism. Tackle what you have the power to right now, and work your way up through every rotten institution in our country. I will support you in this endeavor, and you will have my vote in the future, but you must stop speaking and start acting.

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