Tribune vs Dawn awesomness report December 2011

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I promised an update after 6 months on the whole Tribune vs Dawn thing – so here it is in as short and painless a form as possible!

[Do read the old Tribune vs Dawn report before beginning].If you reach the bottom, you get a nice little round-up of where I feel Tribune has outpaced and outranked others on the content front as well [just so we recognize it is not just a numbers game].

Express Tribune vs Dawn on (30 day Rank via Alexa’s analytics) – anyone notice who is stagnant and who has doubled their numbers from the report in April?

Express Tribune vs Dawn on (30 day Reach i.e. no of people on internet) – neck and neck? Can we say necked now? Should I make another 6 month prediction?

Express Tribune vs Dawn on (30 day pageviews i.e. no of pages seen by visitors) – here Dawn still has a minor lead, thanks to their readers loyally reading (or clicking around to find content) more pages than the average Tribune reader – many of whom come through FB/Twitter and bounce off single posts…

Express Tribune vs Dawn on (Max timeframe Rank – killer trajectory)…

Express Tribune vs Dawn on (Max timeframe Reach – the huge jump is OBL raid btw)

Express Tribune vs Dawn Traffic Rank within Pakistan

Out of the Top 100 websites visited in Pakistan, Tribune currently ranks 38.

Dawn ranks 51.

In simple words – more people read Tribune in Pakistan, than Dawn.

Express Tribune vs Dawn on webtrafficspy

Tribune rank – 72,700 unique visitors a day reading 202,000 pages

Dawn rank – 75,700 unique visitors a day reading 266,000 pages

Express Tribune vs Dawn on Facebook

Express Tribune vs Dawn on Twitter

People tell me we shouldn’t be petty about the numbers. It’s not a numbers game after all, it’s about the content and good journalism.

I tell those people, the content and good journalism IS what drives the numbers, and when comparing two similar products (mainstream newspapers) you can quantitatively analyze the qualitative. This isn’t me being petty – this is me telling Dawn and other media groups out there that it is time to pay more attention to your online presence, and start strategizing and allocating resources accordingly.

The media world has changed, but many media groups have not woken up to that fact, and it will be a damn shame to see them sink rather than swim online. Even at the Tribune we are still working out some basics on the online front – things like video features, newsletters, a breaking news template for the homepage, live news updates, Twitter strategy, web exclusive reports, interactive maps, partnerships with local sites for local content, convergence with print, digital first strategy for reporters in the field. I am revealing no big secrets here, I am stating the obvious and what is expected from mainstream news websites.

I would end with a “it remains to be seen…” type sentence, but that is really not required here. It does not remain to be seen how things will pan out online, it is very clear: the online space for news in Pakistan is/will go through a massive revolution – anyone who misses the ride and does not strategize for it will become irrelevant. Fast.

Next update in 6 months, and I may have to bring in other sites for comparison by then.


One thought on “Tribune vs Dawn awesomness report December 2011

    Farzan Sheikh (@FarzanSh) said:
    December 3, 2011 at 3:47 am

    Great work Jay. I feel Dawn has stepped up the game in the past few weeks, but with Tribune’s strong presence, quick updates, and intensive blogging, it will take it some time to catch up. But I do feel there is some realization now, beginning to dawn upon, well, Dawn.

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