Backdating stories to win in ‘breaking news’ is not cool

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For those who haven’t noticed, has been doing a good job on the news reporting front lately.

They’ve been getting stuff filed to their website, there is better coordination with their TV channel, and they have increased pace remarkably! This is all good stuff (I always turn to Dawn as at the end of the day, I always consider them the competition, and still expect them to lead the pack) but the pace of story uploads has been perhaps a little too remarkable?

I’m not saying they’re backdating their stories….and I’m not saying there is never a legit reason to backdate….but lets hope the “lets backdate so it looks like we broke it first” syndrome does not become a staple act of local online media.

Technical glitch? Backdating?

The above was (noticed for a while) and captured by my sub Shaheryar Popalzai @Spopalzai


One thought on “Backdating stories to win in ‘breaking news’ is not cool

    Drakhai said:
    January 24, 2012 at 2:11 am

    You sure it isn’t being rounded off to the closest half hour?

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