beats in Pakistan (Alexa)

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According to analytics website, the Urdu news website I have lovingly nurtured and raised has beaten in terms of Pakistan traffic.;1/PK now stands at 48 in the top 100 visited sites in Pakistan (and growing fast), while Geo stands at 50 (and dropping).

This is quite an achievement for a website that was launched about 1.5 years ago. In terms of overall numbers, Geo is of course larger, but its stagnant/downward trajectory is not a good sign for a brand that should be well beyond all others.

I have written before about the need for media groups to wake up and strategize for the online space or find themselves becoming increasingly irrelevant, as brand value does not hold the same meaning online.

Lets hope we see the landscape change — in the meantime, the ZemTV’s and Hamariweb’s of local cyberspace will continue to reap the benefits of traditional media’s inability (or worse, refusal) to intelligently invest in the revolution that is at hand.


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