What we skip over: Just another rape case in Pakistan

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A little girl’s body was recovered in Pakistan today — and almost nobody noticed.

The story was not filed, as far as I could see, but a few photographs came through.

There were two photographs of the victim, probably aged 10-14. The photos must have been obtained from the girl’s family, who shared them with the media in hopes of having their story heard. The photos are recent, given the time stamp on them:



Then there is the image of the girl’s body – recovered, bearing marks of extreme torture and cruelty. It is an obscene image, but a necessary one I feel (and so did the photographer).

Sadly, it only captures a small part of the horror that must have been the child’s last hours, last minutes. I have uploaded it without blurring because the girl that once lived is no longer identifiable.

Warning: Must be over 18 to click and see this image. Depicts a dead body/graphic violence.

There is also a photo of her mother, begging the state for justice.


And last, there is a photo of SP (Investigation) Tanveer Hussain Tunio – the man who will presumably ensure the criminal(s) are apprehended.


Just another Sunday in Pakistan. The story is definitely not on TV. If it ever does appear on TV, it will be wrapped in many comforting layers of dramatization and music to prevent the news from appearing ‘too real’.

I doubt this story will make the papers.  If it does, it will probably be a single column or a brief. Its a ‘done-to-death’ topic, too gory, too titillating, too scandalous, too shameful, too grim, too violent, too sensitive, too taboo, too anti-Pakistan etc.

I have no compelling words to round this off; I think the photos and the (lack of) media interest says enough — not just about the media, but our society as a whole.

Thanks to Photographer Hussain Ahmed who made an effort to file something on this.


The Express Tribune is the number one Pakistan news source on Twitter

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Our official Twitter account @etribune has crossed 50,000 followers!

The Express Tribune is also the number one Twitter news resource from local media in Pakistan (see table below).

Pakistan media on Twitter
Pakistan media on Twitter (April, 2013)

On Facebook, we are also among the top local news resources with over 220,000 likes.

Keep in mind, media groups have been buying ‘likes’ (you can pay to get more followers on FB) and that has rigged the game somewhat.

Pakistan media on Facebook (April 2013)
Pakistan media on Facebook (April 2013)

Luckily, our engagement levels on Facebook are a high 7.6% (considering we are not paying for engagement or likes, this is good as FB only sends 10-20% of our posts to our followers).

This makes us the second most important local news resource on Facebook (just behind Dunya, who is obviously…well, see the table below).

Pakistan media on Facebook - engagement levels (April 2013)
Pakistan media on Facebook – engagement levels (April 2013)

So you want to be a Pakistani journalist?

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Journalism is a dirty business

Journalism is not freedom of expression

Social media does not equal journalism (but it helps)

Pakistan’s media is in an ethical crisis

Journalism is not entertainment

Tribune vs Dawn awesomness report December 2011

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I promised an update after 6 months on the whole Tribune vs Dawn thing – so here it is in as short and painless a form as possible!

[Do read the old Tribune vs Dawn report before beginning].If you reach the bottom, you get a nice little round-up of where I feel Tribune has outpaced and outranked others on the content front as well [just so we recognize it is not just a numbers game].

Express Tribune vs Dawn on (30 day Rank via Alexa’s analytics) – anyone notice who is stagnant and who has doubled their numbers from the report in April?

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