I’ve provided some links to my novellas/short stories which I wrote age 20-25. Enjoy them. For obvious reasons, this section wont be updated very frequently, but I do have a number of written projects in the works. I believe in the principle of ‘free’ when it comes to producing creative work, but if someone wants to publish me, kudos — contact me.



Seth (vampire novella)

This was written way back in the day, and was originally meant to be a graphic novel. I later edited it to read like a story.



New Word Document (philosophical treatise/tirade)


This was written nearing the end of my university days. It was an attempt to ground myself philosophically.



Where Pain Lies (Horror aka family life in Karachi)


This was a set of intertwined stories written in fits and bursts. The first section though was written in one straight day, after a dream I had.




Short stories



One thought on “Fiction

    Rukhsaar said:
    November 5, 2011 at 1:24 am

    See, when someone like me is trying to work; University assignments to be precise, one comes across such literature that happens to be interesting. Whereas on a normal day I would not even look twice, nor would I ever find something like this. I can’t even remember how I did to be honest however, I believe it has something to do with Coke Studio… I have found this pretty darn interesting and will come back one day, when I have gained my degree (if I ever manage to finish my work) and read your short stories which do seem like a good read. Good luck with whatever you’re planning to do, whether that is journalism, music, art, writer or whatever else you’re aspiring to be. X

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